Transmission Fluid flushing

The difference between transmission fluid change and transmission flush

Transmission fluid flush and change are two diverse automotive services that involve your car’s transmission fluid. It is essential to understand and differentiate the two services to decide the one that is right for your car.

A transmission fluid change only involves your vehicle’s transmission fluid and not the engine oil. During the changing process, the transmission filter is also replaced. This helps to protect your vehicle’s transmission from pollutants and impurities that shorten its lifespan.

On the other hand, transmission fluid flush involves the total extraction of the transmission fluid. The transmission flush makes sure that there is no contaminated or dirty fluid lingering in your vehicle’s transmission.

At Budget Transmission, we offer a wide range of professional transmission services, including transmission flush and repair services. Our team of experts is at hand to help you determine whether your vehicle needs a transmission fluid flush or change.

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