Common Transmission Services


Common Transmission Services  Budget Transmission DenverAt Budget Transmission in Centennial, we want to share with your common transmission services that your car may need and that we offer. Most people understand that this component of a vehicle is vital to proper functioning. Taking care of your transmission and bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of any trouble is the key to ensuring its longevity. At Budget Transmission, your vehicle will always be thoroughly inspected from top to bottom and repairs made like it was our own car.

Here are some of the common transmission services you may need.

Periodic Transmission Maintenance

To keep your vehicle running smoothly and components lubricated, and in good shape, inspections on your transmission should be performed periodically. It is recommended every 30,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first, to have a lift inspection and general inspection to replace fluids, filters, and gaskets. If it has been some time since you paid attention to these issues, you may need a complete transmission flush. A sure sign of this is a burnt smell or sludge and grime build up.

Pan Gasket Replacement

Routine transmission maintenance requires replacing the pan gasket from time to time. This is the gasket that is located on the rim of the transmission pan. This gasket can get cracked or worn over time, which will eventually cause leaks and unsafe driving conditions and other mechanical problems. If you are lucky, and your gasket looks good with no visible cracks, you may just need a cleaning, and then it can just be put back in.

Cleaning Grime

A part of any routine transmission maintenance service is removal and cleanup of any of this sludge, dirt or grime within the transmission. This cleanup includes the transmission pan, gasket, sealing surface, transmission case and any fluid that may have dripped on the exhaust system while the cleaning was being performed.

Replacing Transmission Filters

A clogged transmission filter will cause unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s engine, so it is important to catch this crucial step with the filters. The seal and the filter will need replacement and is a relatively inexpensive service.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid that was cleaned out and drained during the process of replacing filters and gaskets will need to be returned to the factory-recommended levels once finished, by checking the dipstick levels. Budget Transmission will ensure this task is performed after all necessary components are replaced, and the transmission is bolted to the vehicle. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when selecting replacement transmission fluid, so be sure to ask your professional what they suggest for your type of vehicle.

Resealable and Clutch Services on Manual Transmissions

A reseal service ensures that there are no problems involving your vehicle not having the ability to retain transmission fluid. This is done by looking at any possible fluid leakage point and ensuring it is resealed, which will, in turn, prevent unwanted fluid drainage or fluid consumption. Also, an inspection of the clutch should be performed on manual transmissions and dealt with if a problem is diagnosed.

At Budget Transmission, these common transmission services are exactly what we will perform on your vehicle if and when needed. We keep you informed of the process while we are doing it and provide you with excellent advice and suggestions when needed. Don’t delay, bring in your car or truck to our shop for these necessary maintenance tasks on your vehicles. We look forward to serving you at our Centennial location soon.

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