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How to know if a vehicle noise is your transmission

Vehicles are naturally noisy. That said, when your car, truck or other vehicle starts making one or more new noises under the hood, it’s time for you to have some concern about its transmission. If you’re uncertain, review this guideline:

– When a sound like clunking, grinding, gurgling, screeching or whining comes from under the hood, it’s usually the transmission. Each sound can result from several different transmission problems.

– You haven’t topped the fluids in a while. A gurgling sound, especially when shifting gears, typically occurs when the vehicle has low transmission fluid and air enters the line.

– A screeching or whining noise stops when the vehicle idles in the neutral or parked positions. If so, an experienced transmission shop technician needs to take a look at its torque converter.

– Other signs of transmission problem exist. For example, you see leaking fluid under the car or smell something burning under the hood. The transmission fluid looks or smells bad. The vehicle shakes at any time while you’re driving it.

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