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All about a remanufactured transmission

So, your transmission check light came on, you took your car to the shop and got the bad news. You need to repair your transmission.

At Budget Transmission in Centennial, we know that you want to get your transmission repair done the right way and within your budget. Have you considered installing a remanufactured transmission instead of a new one?

Not sure what is your best option? We’ve you covered. We’ll discuss the basics about remanufactured transmissions and why you should consider it instead of buying a new one. Read on to learn more.

Remanufactured Transmission: Is It the Same as Buying a Rebuilt or New Transmission?

Many people think remanufactured transmissions are the same as rebuilt transmissions. Even though you may use both interchangeably, they aren’t the same.

When a transmission repair shop remanufactures a transmission, they don’t just change the worn-out parts. They add extra upgrades the manufacturer should’ve added to the part in the first place. These upgrades will improve the durability and performance of your transmission.

Some examples of these updates are machining internal parts, high-quality friction material, among other parts. Remanufacturing of these parts is done by transmission repair services that have the right machinery to do the job. An example is how these shops clean all remanufactured transmissions using high-pressure hot tanks.

Also, these shops test all remanufactured transmissions after making the repairs. They use transmission dynamometers to test the performance of the transmission in real life conditions. These shops make sure your part will work after installation.

The biggest perk of buying a remanufactured transmission vs rebuilt is the warranty that comes with it. It’s typical for remanufactured transmissions to come with a 2 to 3-year warranty. But it could be less sometimes depending on the shop and transmission.

It’s recommended to accept warranty no lower than 12 months or 12,000 miles. Keep in mind that a rebuilt transmission warranty doesn’t provide the same coverage. The warranty on remanufactured transmissions may include repair and replacement or R&R depending on your part.

It’s recommended to consult your shop in regard to your coverage before buying your transmission. When you buy a new transmission, you will get a longer warranty but, the price tag on it will be a lot higher. Also, you won’t get the upgrades and improvements perks that come with a remanufactured unit.

Should You Choose Remanufactured over a New Transmission?

Yes, you should consider buying a remanufactured transmission instead of a new part. The warranty on a new part may be longer. But the cost savings and upgrades on remanufactured transmissions will outweigh this benefit.

If you buy the unit from a trusted source, you will be better off with the remanufactured part. The company must have an excellent reputation, offer a great warranty on their parts, and test their remanufactured transmissions the right way.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying a transmission because of the price tag. It’s recommended you consult and get your repairs done by experienced and certified technicians like our team members at Budget Transmission in Centennial.

Is your car experiencing transmission problems? We can help. Contact us today to schedule your transmission diagnostic and repair.

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