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Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair

As any car owner can tell you, problems with your car’s transmission are the absolute worst. The larger repairs, like a transmission rebuild, can be avoided by paying attention to the right signs of potential trouble and taking your vehicle to an experienced transmission shop for a transmission repair immediately. Strange noises such as clunking,…
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Transmission Fluid flushing

Avoiding expensive transmission repairs

Worried about the transmission in your car? Here are 4 tips to avoid expensive transmission repairs… Leaking transmission fluid – Look for dripping fluid beneath your car. Any leak of your transmission fluid is an issue that needs to be repaired immediately. Discolored transmission fluid – If your transmission fluid smells burnt or spoiled and…
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Get to Know the Main Parts of Your Transmission

Do you know the key parts of your transmission? Today, Budget Transmission in Centennial shares some of the basic parts, so you know what to look for if you suspect trouble. Transmissions are sort of like the beating heart of our vehicle’s engine. Without it, we would all be at a standstill, so read on…
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What Does a Car Transmission Do Exactly?

At Budget Transmission in Centennial, getting to know your transmission, is our business. We want to ensure that your vehicle never leaves you stranded and that your car transmission is functioning properly. If you want to know what your transmission does, let’s start with the basics. Your car transmission works with the engine to provide…
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car check engine light is on

5 Signs You Need Transmission Repair ASAP

In 2017, households in the United States spent $9,737 on transportation alone. That spending included gas, insurance, auto upgrades, and local transportation (think cab, Uber, bus, train, etc.). But a considerable amount, an average of $850 in 2016, went towards maintenance and repairs. True, maintenance is key to making your ride last up to 200,000 miles,…
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What is a Remanufactured Transmission?

So your transmission check light came on, you took your car to the shop and got the bad news. You need to repair your transmission. The price tag on the service gave you a heart attack. At Budget Transmission in Centennial, we know that you want to get your transmission repair done the right way…
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My car needs to be winterized

Cold Weather Transmission Problems

At Budget Transmission, we have listed common problems with transmission that are made worse with winter weather. Winter weather is a problem because temperatures increase the viscosity of transmission fluid, meaning it’s not flowing as smoothly as it does in warmer weather. Here we provide some great tips, signs to look for, and ways to keep…
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Your Car Transmission…

At Budget Transmission in Centennial, we want to look behind the curtain and see what makes a car transmission do what it does. Here are some ways that we provide excellence for all of your transmission needs. When getting to know your transmission, it’s best to start with the basics. Your car transmission works with the engine to provide…
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How Do I Avoid Expensive Transmission Repairs

At Budget Transmission in Centennial, we know nothing strikes more fear in a person when they think their car transmission has a problem, what’s wrong with my transmission, and more importantly how much will it cost to fix? How Do I Avoid Expensive Transmission Repairs? Transmission repairs can be costly. Fortunately, they can be avoided…
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Did Your Check Transmission Light Come On?

If you’re driving to work and notice a new warning light illuminate your dash, you may be wondering, “Why is my check transmission light on?” At Budget Transmission, we work hard to keep transmissions tuned up, and if you bring your vehicle to our Centennial shop, we can identify what’s causing an error with this important component.…
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Transmission Service

At Budget Transmission in Centennial, we want to share with your common transmission services that your car may need and that we offer. Most people understand that this component of a vehicle is vital to proper functioning. Taking care of your transmission and bringing your vehicle in at the first sign of any trouble is…
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