The Importance of Fleet Maintenance

The Importance of Fleet MaintenanceAt Budget Transmission in Centennial and Aurora, we feel the importance of fleet maintenance is not to be overlooked. Why? Well, several reasons actually, some of which are obvious, and some you may not be aware of. Regardless of whether you have a fleet of vehicles, work cars, or even heavy-duty work trucks, regular maintenance is something that will save you lots of money in the long run.

Safety Standards

The safety of your team driving your fleet vehicles is of the utmost importance. Regardless of whether your fleet is new or used, maintenance needs to be checked often to ensure everyone’s safety, including tires, fluids, and working parts. Accidents due to poor maintenance can jeopardize fleet administration rules.

Risk and Liability

Fleet managers can be held liable for negligent maintenance of a vehicle and many other issues including hiring or retention, lending of a vehicle, or “respondeat superior”. A minor vehicle repair issue could result in a more significant financial and legal problem for the fleet and company, thus the importance of fleet maintenance being performed on a regular basis. 

Cost Efficiency

When your fleet is down due to neglected maintenance inspections and repair, everyone suffers. The company loses money, and employees may find themselves without the necessary tools to work properly. By performing the simple tasks such as fluid checks, oil changes, tire pressure checks, and filter changes, you will reap the benefits of a smooth-moving company with minimal hiccups along the way. 

Driver Management

Keeping track of how your drivers are operating the fleet vehicles is critical. Be aware of their driving habits, vehicle telematics or reports will tell you things like, how they are shifting gears, braking, routes, and speeds they travel at. All great ways to keep everyone in check, and to know just how the maintenance should be performed in regards to their driving styles.

Improve Resale Value

When the time comes to upgrade your fleet or sell it all together, potential buyers will be looking at how poorly abused or not your fleet was. Keeping records of your maintenance schedule will help buyers be more confident in purchasing from you if you choose to sell in the future.

Environmental Factors

As the world is trying to become greener and environmentally friendly, having your emissions and regular maintenance performed, will keep you right where you need to be regarding government laws and regulations. The Department of Motor Vehicles has specific laws on how often a vehicle needs to be repaired depending on the age and the size of the vehicle. All vehicles are required to be routinely inspected. Be sure to check with your state and adhere to their regulations and keep detailed records on hand in case of an audit.

At Budget Transmission, we know the importance of fleet maintenance, and if you are struggling to keep your fleet in tip-top shape, give us a call today so we can set up a routine schedule to ensure that your fleet remains reliable and tough for all the demands your company puts upon them. We look forward to your call soon, helping you maintain a strong fleet for your company.

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