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The Decline of the Stick Shift

Manual transmission has been phasing out over recent years because of the loss in speed superiority over its automatic and CVT peers.

In the year 2020, only around 2% of vehicles had a manual transmission or stick shift. While most drivers apparently prefer the ease of an automatic, there is always something rewarding about the task of shifting and so a group of stick enthusiasts will likely remain for some time still.

One great benefit is fuel performance which the clutch can deliver due to the absence of a torque converter. Although automatics are getting better with the newer locking torque converters, another reason for a manual’s preference is the lack of a hydraulic pump that has inherent parasitic power consumption.

It’s true that many collectors still opt for the stick, but even higher level luxury manufacturers such as Ferrari and Chevrolet (with the latest Corvettes) are phasing out manual transmissions.

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