car needs a new transmission

Signs Your Transmission May Need Repair

As any car owner can tell you, problems with your car’s transmission are the absolute worst. The larger repairs, like a transmission rebuild, can be avoided by paying attention to the right signs of potential trouble and taking your vehicle to an experienced transmission shop for a transmission repair immediately.

Strange noises such as clunking, whining or buzzing could also be your transmission’s gear synchronizers or a whole other source of transmission issues.

A Burning smell can mean an overheating issue or that discolored transmission fluid needs to be changed, commonly referred to as a transmission flush.

Leaking fluid beneath where your car is parked probably means your transmission is leaking.

The certified technicians at Budget Transmission are well-versed in ensuring and maintaining your vehicle’s health. Call them today at 303-766-1414 if you’re noticing some telltale signs of transmission trouble.

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