6 Signs of Transmission Problems

6 Signs of Transmission ProblemsIf you suspect an issue with your vehicle, here are 6 signs of transmission problems from the experts at Budget Transmission in Centennial. We know how important it is to keep all the components of your car healthy, so if you notice any of these symptoms, get in touch with us right away for a thorough repair at an honest price. 

  1. Gear shifting issues: Your car’s gears are an important part of the transmission, so if you hear irregularities with shifting gears, it is almost a certain sign your transmission is in dire straits.

    Symptoms may include any of the following items, and should not be ignored.
  • Hesitation when putting car into gear
  • Falls out of gear while driving
  • Shifts gears for no reason
  • Jerking when shifting gears 
  1. Grinding and Shimmying: If you hear grinding in your manual transmission vehicle, or shaking and shimmying in your automatic vehicle, this is probably an issue with a worn clutch or something else. Have it checked out immediately!
  2. Strange and unusual sounds: Whining, buzzing, and clunks are not normal behavior for a vehicle’s transmission. When it comes to the 6 signs of transmission problems, this one requires expert diagnosis.
  3. Discolored transmission fluid: If your transmission fluid is not bright red and sweet smelling, you got a problem. If it is dark and opaque or smells burnt, this is a good indication of a problem.
  4. Burning smell: If you smell anything such as burning, take it immediately into Budget Transmission for a look. When there is too much friction on the gears, it will often be accompanied by this smell.
  5. Leaking transmission fluid: Red fluid on your driveway or parking spot is a bad sign. Whether it appears clear or cloudy, take the car to the auto repair shop pronto. A leak doesn’t necessarily mean your transmission is bad, but if you let it continue to leak, it will cause more damage than necessary.

How much life can you get out of your transmission?

Many factors such as maintenance and build quality play a role in longevity. Lubrication and heat are important aspects as are circumstances such as accidents, system failures and driver behavior. Equally significant, the transmission is linked to the engine, electronic systems, chassis, differentials, and cooling systems. Problems within these areas can lead to problems in the transmission and vice versa.

The transmission itself is made up of more than just gears, brakes and planetary carriers. It also has an extensive system of pumps, complex hydraulic circuits, pressure switches and electronics. The daunting complexity of a transmission makes it a component that some mechanics are wary of tackling, however, at Budget Transmission, we have the experience and certified expertise to get the work done right.

Knowing these 6 signs of transmission problems will get you one step ahead of the game in keeping your transmission and car running at its absolute best. Budget Transmission has the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians in the area, and unlike other repair shops, we specialize in transmissions first and foremost. Bring your concerns to the shop that knows how to treat your transmission right!

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