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Tips for Helping Your Transmission

Quite a few people forget about the transmission when they consider vehicles. Often, they think of the motor, the oil, maybe the wheels and mileage. However, the transmission is arguably the most important part of your car, considering your car needs it to run. We’ve compiled a list of both good and bad behaviors that will affect your transmission. Whether or not you choose to take the habits into consideration will dictate how soon your car will need to come in to see us for transmission maintenance or repair.

Bad Habits

If you consider yourself a good driver, have a look at these harmful habits and consider whether or not you are guilty of these. If you are, there is still time to correct these behaviors and save your transmission.

  • Slam on your brakes, or slam on your gas pedal
  • Never use your parking brake, or immediately shift from drive to reverse
  • Delay your transmission maintenance date, or never check your fluids

Good Habits

If you’ve noticed yourself having these harmful driving habits, don’t worry. There are still some things you can do to correct the path that your car is on. Consider implementing these habits to treat your transmission better.

  • Make sure you’re checking the fluid regularly and using the right kind
  • Have your transmission fluid flushed during maintenance
  • Consider having your engine’s cooling serviced with the rest of the car
  • Let your car warm completely before you begin to drive

Signs that your Transmission needs Help

If this post is reaching you too late, and you’re experiencing issues with what you believe is your transmission, you’ll want to get it in to our shop as quickly as you can. And if you can’t start the car, you’ll need to consider getting it towed to us. If your vehicle is experiencing:

  • Not starting or slow starting or hard shifting
  • Gears slipping or having issues shifting
  • A clear burning smells, leaking fluids, or loud noise
  • Delays in movement or random surges of gas

At Budget Transmission, we are committed to getting you the best transmission service that we can offer. We want you to have your car back as quickly as possible, from diagnostics to repair and maintenance. We serve beautiful Centennial, Colorado, and along with our experts, we are there for you. If you’d like to speak with us about your transmission, give us a call or visit our website. Meanwhile, if you’d like to read more about transmissions or us, feel free to explore our blog.

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